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Home Workout Motivation Tips

So… Working out from home

How’s that going for you ?

Because 90% of the people I’m speaking to
are STRUGGLING with motivation right now

And the other trainers I’m talking to

Their clients are feeling the same as well

So yep, safe to say there’s a bit of lockdown workout BLUES going about

One of the hardest things is

And I’m sure you’ve felt this
is trying to make the shift from work to WORKOUT
without actually changing your location

our brains you see

they associate places with things

like the gym – you’re actually there to workout
so getting into that mindset and motivated is kind of automatic once your there

I actually had this but kind of in reverse myself
I used to do 10+ hours a day of flat out coaching in the studio

and when the end of the day hit, even though I was in the gym already
I’d been in that one spot so long
I actually didn’t even want to workout… Which sucked

So how can we deal with this ?

Well, one way Is to create a specific area in your house for training
that you kind of ‘go to’ for workouts
that will help

another is to actually set a time for your session
and stick to it
that’ll help a bit as well

one thing you can try is to take a walk
go somewhere in the car or whatever
just get out of the house for 15 minutes before your session

just to switch up your feelings and environment slightly

I say all these things will ‘help a bit’

because honestly, there is no easy way

unless you’ve got one of those home gym’s as big as an aircraft hanger like the rock
it’s going to be tough
and you’re going to be met with resistance and a lack of motivation

be aware of that, see it coming

and choose to crack on anyway


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