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How To Be A Weight Loss Consultant

So I was at ye olde cricket pitch the other day man

just minding my own biz

deep in thought wondering why I spend every Saturday playing this ‘sport’

Anyway, one of the players had his pal pop up for a chat and the guy is a bit of a loud mouth… no big deal of course

So It turns out he’s one of these ‘weight loss consultants’ I’ve seen springing up

The guy is about 10 stone of skin and bone, the kind of youngster who could inhale a Big Mac and chips but wake up the next day a bit more ripped you know the type right ?

He’s chuffing on a fag as well – I suppose it curbs the appetite as part of his plan

So of course he’s trying to recruit every tom, Richard and harry for his pyramid scheme business

don’t worry if you know nothing and aren’t in shape or never have been yourself – this is about SELLING

You sell the shakes, the meal replacements, the tablets

You sell it monthly, and they get access to you for ‘questions’ as well

You may even have thought about going on a plan like this yourself at one point?

a quick fix as it were

Well after 5 years in the game and helping men in Saffron Walden lose stones and stones of fat

I can tell you the actual problem with these programs

and it’s not our malnourished friend… he’s just out to make a buck or 2 like the rest of us

It’s this – You will never, ever stick to regime of shakes, meal replacements and starvation

It’s just not human to do that for a length of time

and of course, you’ll be investing a few hundred quid a month in ‘products’ as well

which isn’t exactly sustainable either – that could go towards the Range Rover!

Any eating plan which you know deep down you could not be on in 6 months is likely a BAD idea

I SEE a lot of people who have had SOME success with these plans

but I see the same people half way through the job – still out of shape or back to their old shape because they just couldn’t keep it up

These are the real reasons why the quick fix diet and training will never work for MOST people

Have a great day and don’t forget to attack me with any problems you have


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