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If You Do THIS You Must Have ZERO Brain!

So my monster, this is a really easy one for you today and you’ll have to forgive me if this turns in to a big old rant

You see, when it comes to losing that horrible fat around the middle or shifting the man boobs, it’s all about getting more energy going out than you’ve got coming in – you’ve heard all this right?

Well – one of the easiest ways to bring a LOT of energy in FAST is by drinking it – I’m talking beer’s, milkshakes and our old friend COKE….. the drink that is

funny thing is though, some genius already invented a drink that tastes exactly the same but contains ZERO energy

that’s ZERO of the stuff that makes you fat…

then, get this , they even called it Coke Zero so you’d never get the 2 mixed up

now if this is a thing, why do men still go for the ‘full fat’ < even though it contains 0 fat anyway option ? When you could have something that tastes literally the same and won't stick another inch on your waist? I mean seriously, this is an EASY change to make right? No doubt some vegan warrior wearing a hemp T shirt and stinking of chick peas is going to come in with a 'BUT CHEMICALS' right around now Yeah man - like you were drinking Coca Cola in the first place for its purity and amazing health benefits or you thought 'full fat' coke was just water and sugar? what do you think makes it brown? that's correct - it's full of chemicals as well We are talking about making life EASIER for you, little wins where you can get them lets say you've had a good week with 2 or 3 workouts and you've eaten well... you're out with the Mrs at Nando's at the weekend that zero coke choice keeps you on track! Little things my good man Have a really great day Steve THE WOLF

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