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Put Your Back In To It!

It’s not called HUMP day for no reason at all my man

and did you notice that on Wednesday and Thursday you’re starting to get a little bit more tired and fatigued than you were after the weekend?

Because on Saturday and Sunday you got just that little bit more sleep and rest for your mind

And now it’s back to work work work and go go go

So when you’re feeling like this, your motivation for workouts will take a dive and look, It’s not you! you aren’t lazy or a naturally unmotivated person – it isn’t any different for you than it is for me, I feel the same

When it’s like this… don’t beat yourself up over it, don’t worry if your energy isn’t to the max

Just focus on the most simple tasks you can do to

– Work up a sweat so your mind stays healthy and focused

– Keep progressing to feed the confidence and maintain momentum

– Keep your mood and energy on point

And…in my extremely accurate opinion

This is going to boil down to

– Making sure you are making and not avoiding your 30-40 minute << MAX TIME workouts - Making solid, rational food choices that aren't driven by being tired and worn out but our driven by where you want to be in 7 days, 7 weeks and 7 months Hope that helps you stick with it or get on it as we glide through that old hump day it's all downhill from tomorrow my man


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