'Steve, What More Can I Do?' - Wolf

‘Steve, What More Can I Do?’

This is what one of my new WOLF pack members asked me earlier

He’s been losing some weight steadily

getting fitter and stronger, feeling better as well << just a given when training with us So he's doing pretty good But like us men always seem to do We want it to be quicker, faster, better we want it NOW and its understandable right this day and age what can't you get instantly? Take away - ordered in seconds The internet - at my finger tips Book a holiday - sure, just give me 5 mins Speak to ANYONE - seconds So I get that you want great results NOW things is though Technology has let us do all those things it's advanced no ends want to know what hasn't advanced that soft old body of yours yea we've got a IOS6 now but basically its the same things that we were running about with 1000 years ago it takes time to get out of shape man, you've had some bad habits, a few to many 'bad' meals and maximum pint numbers you could say the old 21st century has been a bit crawl to us it's going to take us a little time to get back in shape and it can't be rushed So I told my man this Just keep doing the right things (you can do these to, even if you NEVER work with me) - Tracking calories - Drinking green tea - 10'000 steps a day - Less junk as a rule So simple right? Sorry - just the way it is remember that consistency is your main weapon in the battle for a better body, more confidence and relentless energy Not a pill or a powder Have a great evening Steve THE WOLF

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