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Stop Holding Yourself Back With This

One thing that will stop you getting results faster than you can say Quiditch
One thing that can be REALLY detrimental to your results… across the board….is having a mindset that holds you back right from the day 1

And lets be honest

day 1 for most of us, a lot of the time

is Monday, because often, we didn’t do as well as we could over the weekend

me as well, this weekend I ate poorly and didn’t MOVE as much as usual, familiar?

So Monday represents a clean slate and a fresh(ish) start for me and you

And Above all

It’s an opportunity to get a new habit going in your life

habits, by the way, will let you be successful without it feeling like a mission all the time

like brushing your teeth, it’s not a chore it’s just something you do… hopefully

The Problem with all this?

Your so caught up with the ‘oh **** it’s Monday again’ crew (fuck those guys)

that the chance is passing you by time and again

Monday is a great thing, not the end of the world

and if it honestly feels like it’s a DISASTER when Monday comes around

Your in the wrong game chap

So what’s your habit for this week?

@ WOLF I have a daily task for my crew

just sweat every day

I don’t care how that comes about *cough cough*

just work up a sweat every day

Or start eating breakfast

Or start having a green tea every day

Hardly things that are going to wreck your perfectly planned schedule my man

Get started on 1 (NOT ALL) of those

and see how you go

Hope I don’t need to bore you with the benefits of those habits

but they are all potential life changers

Hit me if you’ve got a question

Or, if your ready to step up into the game and level up big style, go here to apply for a free trial week with us –

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