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The Number 1 Hack For More Everything

Ever roll out of your pit in the morning and feel like absolute JUNK?

Now, As you can see, my TOP tip for feeling motivated more often, having energy in the morning and actually doing bits first thing is to get up hella early

I’m sure you’ve tried this revolutionary concept from time to time

BTW – By early I mean your up at least 45 mins before you have to leave the house, I don’t mean you got up at 5.55 and fell into your car by 6am, that’s lousy.

So, That time you woke up really early, probably felt like trash right? Sorry, I never said it was easy and I never said you’ll catapult out of bed every morning

Truth be told,i still feel like giving that snooze button a tap most of the time, but I have a 1 snooze rule that I ‘try’ to stick to << Try it And back in the day, I was THAT helmet teenager who was up at mid day, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm, you know the one? my point is, If a slob like me can do it, so can you. That's plenty of story time for now Here's the benefits I've been getting from my early roll out and I hope your ready to unlock them yourself

– Time in the morning to prepare a super smoothie that practically takes care of your ‘5 a day’ before 6am
– More energy to get the stuff done that will otherwise drag you down after work
– An extremely focused mind set
– Less anxiety about your problems
– Time to actually wake up and get focused on your job, so you can expect to do better at work after doing this
– A proper routine that brings structure and organization to your day

Hope you’re sold

This is just another one of those little things that you know you SHOULD be doing, but more than likely don’t

So I hope this serves as a bit of a ‘wake up call’ (sorry had to get it in)

Have a killer day and if you want the other 22 points on Losing weight, Building Muscle and having infinite motivation – Just ask


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