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‘Why Bother’

Argh – The age old question…

The last bastion before full give up mode
It’s run through all our heads at one point or another


Why Bother?

Not an easy one to answer is it my man

And the truth of the matter is

The answer will be different for everyone

Take my Pack member Jon for example – he needed to lose 20kg for surgery when he joined us

if he didn’t have it – he was going to stay in pain

I think that’s a pretty powerful ‘Why Bother’ Don’t you think?

Needless to say – he’s down 16 of the 20kg he needs so far with us

On the flip side, take my other WOLF pack member Maurice

He’s in great shape for his age…..somewhere around 60 🙂

For him it’s about being the best he can be
Setting an example to other men and to his kids

and also – keeping his mind and energy positive through the days and weeks

Again…. a powerful reason why he should bother

So my challenge to you today is

find your real reason why

what do you really want to get ?

Why do you really need to do this ?

Once you’ve answered those
you’ll have unlocked real motivation

and you’ll be ready to start and NEVER look back

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Steve THE ‘Bothered’ WOLF

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