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Why I’m Ignoring You

What’s up mate

You may… or may not have noticed That I haven’t exactly been blowing up my blog lately

You could even say I’ve been ‘quiet’

And you see the thing is this

We only get a certain amount of ‘power’ during the day to do things

Go to work, look after the kids, go to the gym, go out for a jog, eat well

You know, things that take some input from yourself

And this power you have is precious, it’s given every day in exchange for getting things done

And you only get more when you rest, sleep and relax

So if truth be told

Instead of writing these emails

I’ve been giving more and more of my power away to my wolf pack

Helping them with getting healthy, looking better and feeling just a bit better than they did last week

I guess most people would just call it ‘being busy’


What I want you to consider is

Where in your life are you spending the most power ? (Work?)

Now – could you save some of that power, that time, that motivation

And put it into yourself instead?

In the way of getting in great shape

Have a think about that one For me

Steve the WOLF

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