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Private Gym Helping Tired, out of Shape Men in Saffron Walden to Lose Weight, Tone up, Gain Confidence and Feel Great Again

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What We Do For Men Like You


A proven system and a track record of eye catching results for our men's only WOLF Pack, just check out all the success stories on this page.


Become a part of the pack and feel supported, driven and motivated. You'll also get 1-1 help from our elite coaches who've helped hundreds of men just like yourself to turn their bodies around.


We pride ourselves on delivering the best results, coaching and service possible, our coaches will support you all the way and work with you until you're where you want to be.

Your Success Plan


Test Drive

Come and try us out and see exactly why ‘The WOLF Pack’ can help you succeed.



Getting started can be tough - we'll coach you 1-1 on setting goals and then show you exactly how to follow through and achieve them.



Work with us multiple times a week and soak up the WOLF pack culture whilst building the best version of yourself.



As you can see we're big on helping you to win - look back and see how you finally got in your best shape, you could be our next before and after success story.

Success Stories

"Joining WOLF is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It’s helped me achieve things I thought were impossible. Before joining, I was just another overweight, tired guy who spent all day in front of a computer screen working and eating rubbish. Since starting I’ve lost fat and gained muscle. My diet has improved markedly. I now love being in the gym - especially the group training sessions.

The Workouts are tough but WOLF will start you off at a level that’s appropriate for you and will set realistic, achievable goals to help you stay on track."

- Dave Razzell

“Before joining up with WOLF I really wasn't happy with the shape I'd let myself get into and I had no energy or drive.

At WOLF I got coaching on how to eat well without going through yo yo diets and I started making progress in the gym every single week. The training is top notch and I always feel like I've achieved something when i leave WOLF”

- Steve Clark

“I was really nervous at first joining the WOLF pack but Steve and the rest of the pack put me at ease straight away and I felt right at home from the first workout

I've lost weight and I feel my fittest ever, The constant challenge and the community is what keeps me coming back for more”

- Jon Beddows

What Makes WOLF Different

Getting Started Is Tough and We Know That You Face Lots of Options When It Comes to Choosing the Best Place to Help You Get the Results Want

We provide a solution that offers you the support, guidance and results of 1-1 coaching but with a supportive WOLF Pack Culture that will help you stay motivated and driven towards completing your mission and becoming the hero of your own story. training with men just like you and getting close attention and support from elite coaches who have an excellent track record of results helping men to lose weight and get the body they want.

  • Our mission is to take you on a journey where you feel that your constantly moving forward toward where you want to be.
  • Our mission is to provide support and guidance to ensure the journey ends with you getting what you want.
  • Our mission is to give you the best results, service and coaching you'll ever recieve.

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