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From Our Private Studio In The Middle Of Town We Help Saffron Walden Men Get The Best Fitness Results Of Their Lives

If you're a busy man in Saffron Walden who wants a better body, more energy and tons of motivation...

Get the 24 golden rules that helped men in town lose stones of weight with us last year

You want to get in the best shape of your life and we want to show you exactly how you can ​by training with us at our studio right in the heart of Saffron Walden

Our unique method offers tons of value as well as life changing results 

We’ve helped Men just like you to lose pounds, shred fat, build muscle and create a better body and mind

Where Would You Love To Be In 12 Weeks Time? 

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It’s tough to fit it all in right? Work, family, friends and social events, Heck we didn’t even mention YOU in there. But at the same time you want to look your best, get the old confidence back, shrink your stomach and feel great !

Our goal at WOLF is to 

.  Provide top class results that STAND OUT and make a real difference to your life

. Give you Flexibility so that 'fitting it all in' is never a problem 

. Give you all the training you need under 1 roof so that you don't have to be sent away to do a program you don't understand at the gym

. Provide the WOLF pack environment where you'll hit goals, build muscle and have a good time doing it a long the way 

. Go the extra mile in service to you by providing every single thing you need to create a body transformation from meal plans to T shirts when you start working with us 


​After losing 2 stone I've had a huge increase in physical energy coupled with greater mental wellbeing. i just feel better all round.


Steve is ​always there and gives me the motivation i need, i'm really happy with the results


I was 20 stone when I joined WOLF and started working with Steve, It’s been a journey to say the least and I’m now 5 stone lighter, my life is completely different now, The group sessions are awesome and a great way to start or finish any day

What's Our Key Principles? 

We believe in you doing more 

  • Regular, short, intense and effective workouts 
  • Boost metabolism and lose fat with conditioning work and weight training
  • Beat challenges, set targets and Hit Personal bests session to session
  • Improve posture! Stand tall and confident - Shoulders back!
  • Enhance flexibility and get rid of those nagging old injuries

Take a trial of our famous WOLF Pack training so you can experience

  • A committed, fun and supportive training environment 
  • Target orientated group work that still delivers great results 
  • It's NOT a class - You'll still get 1-1 coaching from us as well as monthly targets 

Flexible timings – With our system at WOLF you’ll be able to work out in a wide range of time slots, so whether you’re an early bird or you like to get in your workouts after work, we’ve got something for you.

  • Need to cancel? No problem, you can always slot in at another time with our WOLF pack training 
  • Train days in a row, or take more rest days, plan your training around work, if you can be flexible, so can we.


We provide great results and it’s proven, that’s why we have no problem guaranteeing what we do. We also know that getting started can be the toughest part, That’s why I’m inviting you for a FREE, no Strings attached chat so we can start helping you right away, Just Click HERE  to apply.

See you on the other side.
Stephen Larsen - Head Trainer

​We Get that it's daunting starting something new, That's why there is never any pressure to sign up with us AND we will let you sample what we can offer by giving you a whole week of results completely free, Click below to take the free trial with us.