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The WOLF Pack Will Guide You To A Lean, Strong Body That Makes You Feel Happy And Strong Instead Of Tired And Worn Out

So you're in a rut with your body and you can't get out of it... I 100% understand how that feels because we've helped men with exactly that problem time after time. you've probly tried to eat better or go down the gym and it hasn't worked for any length of time OR.. maybe you want a completely fresh start with your health and energy so you're looking for a solution to feeling tired all the time and not being happy with the way you look.

Accountability & Support

At WOLF we beleive you need someone to guide you and work with you closely to finally break out of the rut your in now, you need someone to give you guidance on diet and training so that you can get out of the stop/start yoyo cycle you're in and really start taking positive steps towards getting where you want to be.

You need ACCOUNTABILITY and Support so that you have someone to check in with, someone to chase you up and someone to make sure you're following through on what you said and making progress week by week.

You need a kick up the bum and a fast start so that you don't just fall of the wagon and spend more time spinning your wheels and not getting results.

Getting the results you want

At WOLF we've created a program and enviroment that is centred around you getting results and moving away from where you are now and toward where you want to get to

We've done this because we beleive men like yourself are capable of great results as long as they have the right motivation, the right support and the right coach by their side.

Getting the results you want can seem like a destination that's a long way away - we've created a method that guides you and spurs you on to get there.

All our Coaching is delivered from our private WOLF gym in the middle of Saffron Walden.

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how we'll help you

  • One of the hardest things is getting started - we'll help get you set up with zero fuss and equip you with our famous progress pack so that you can start seeing results within the first couple of weeks with us.
  • Becoming A WOLF and joining the pack is simple and easy, once you've signed up you'll gain 24/7 access to our coaches so that you can start getting results and working toward your goal immediately.
  • Our coaches are great at helping you avoid all the usual stumbling blocks of gaining weight back you've lost or falling off the wagon, we'll give you support to keep you motivated and driven even when your very busy with work and every day life.
  • We'll save you money by delivering our world class coaching in a team enviroment instead of 1-1 but then still providing you with 1-1 support on mindset, nutrition and goal setting so that you can get the same results.
  • Our training methods and coaching styles are dead simple to follow - we're going to help you remove the confusion and get on the fast track to success

Success Stories

Working with Steve as one of the WOLF pack has benefits beyond the obvious. The personal understanding for you as an individual helps you progress within your objectives. You meet great likeminded people that support laugh and make taking the steps to a better Way Of Life easier.

- Greg Viney

Prior to joining Steve at WOLF I was overweight, unmotivated in every aspect of life, constantly tired & extremely lethargic, as well as feeling very unfit. I've been going to WOLF for 6 weeks now, just 30 mins every weekday morning and the change is incredible. I've lost over a stone, have loads more energy, and even feel motivated when the alarm goes off to get down there every morning (no more snoozing!). Steve is there not just during the gym time but makes himself available to be there to help with diet, mindset, motivation and advice as well. I couldn't recommend Steve and WOLF highly enough for the change it has given me.

- Will Mallett

I'd not done ANY exercise in 20 years and was a middle-aged mess prior to approaching WOLF. At that time I was fat (obese), boozing too much and obsessed with eating. Having hit my lowest point as a 'heart attack waiting to happen' I stumbled across Steve's website. Its message spoke to me. 1:1 training, weights based, tailored programme.

It has utterly transformed every aspect of my life for the better since I joined just over a year ago. You have to be committed but what you get back in terms of life enhancement is worth every penny. In a year I have lost over two stone and my energy levels, strength and general well being is higher than it has ever been. Steve offers all new clients a free taster session. I'd say to anyone give it a go, you have nothing to lose and so much to gain.

- Matt Parker

Apply for A Place On Our Next 28 Day Turbo Results Challenge And Get Fast Results To KickStart Your Journey