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£100 An Hour Personal Training

Yeah – Hardly a headline that’s likely to sucker you in for the big sale is it?

But no worries – I’m not trying to flog you rip off 1-1 training

This is actually about Monday – when I was chatting about Life with one of the WOLF pack members in the gym

And he told me how he’d seen some ‘celebs’ in the paper talking about their transformation from FAT to FIT

Saying how they had invested in a trainer so they didn’t have to worry about motivation, workouts or sorting out there diet

They had even listed some of the sessions they were doing in the gym to get the results

And to my man’s SHOCK – Most of the exercises were the same ones we do all the time in my sessions at WOLF

It was in that moment that he realised (and you can now as well)

That no matter the price, type, style or form of working out

There are roughly ZERO secrets when it comes to working out

a £5 an hour trainer probably knows the same moves as a £200 an hour trainer …. Should I be telling you this ?

So what gives, why did they get such good results

2 things (and you can do them both)

1. They invested in help from someone who knew more than they did and provided top level support and tools on diet, mindset and lifestyle

2. Because they did the above – and had actual money at stake they didn’t miss many workouts, they stuck to the diet and they were consistent

Above is pretty much a recipe for great results so feel free to swipe and steal

My question to you today is

where in your life could you be applying points 1 and 2 to enhance your results?

Where could you be doing better if you had help from someone who’s done it themselves time and time again?

Have a great day and don’t forget to shoot me any questions

+ of course – for your trial to try us for free – https://wolfitness.wufoo.com/forms/z1iyi50h0y7412p/

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