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£2.50 For A NEW Pair Of Trainers

You’ve always got to help the Mrs Out right?

So I was out with her the other day at jumble sale
helping her get stock for the little buying and selling biz she runs

Now, let me just tell you
you get all kinds of different people at these sorts of things

and 1 woman – man I laughed so hard
She picked up a NICE new pair of trainers that they had on sale
sketchers or something
40 notes in the shops – you know the sort

‘How much?’ she says

‘£2.50’ the woman replies

Then this old hag just SLAMS the trainers down
‘You must be joking, this is a jumble sale’
‘You’ll still have them at the end of the day’

…. and she walks off

like seriously – Wtf?
I’m just standing there like – Really?

Anyway I snapped them up and the Mrs can do the rest
hopefully we turn a small profit

Just goes to show you my man
What you will pay for something all come down to value

Some people tell me I’m really expensive
‘I can’t pay that’
‘no way’
‘the gym is half the price’

And look I get it
because they don’t know the stupid amount of value I give to the people I work with

and then other times
like the other day
I actually got told by a big name in the fitness industry

that I was stupidly cheap for what I offer to people
and that for the sake of my business I should raise my prices NOW

Funny isn’t it?

Anyway man – just wanted to share that story with you

If you want the details of just what kind of value I bring DAILY to my members

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