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3 Things You Can Forget Immediately

In most walks of life things are pretty black and white my man

Kind of…allow me to explain’eth

You drive on the left
You tie your shoes
You eat when your hungry
You drink when your thirsty


What if you wanted to improve your golf game?
Or get more cleverer
Or become a better chef

you’d just practice a lot…

Simplez yeah?

Well – in the fitness game there seems to be quite a bit of confusion going around

There’s lots of different methods flying about

lifting this, carrying that, climbing up ropes
throwing balls into the air
hand stands
jumping onto high boxes
tossing weights over head

It can get confusing right?

well let me clear it up for you

ALL of this is the same thing
and boils down to

Moving an object against gravity (cheers Newton)

So lets just get one thing straight my friend
no form of training is ‘better’ than another
because it’s all the same
just with a different label slapped on it

So here’s what you need to do

So that next year you stop being fat and start being great
like me and you both know you’re capable of

You need to STOP worrying about all those different methods
and STOP being confused by them (because I just told you they are all the same)

and START worrying about finding somewhere to workout
where you actually don’t mind hitting it 3 x a week and you have someone holding you accountable to doing so

I’m sitting here like wondering what else I can write

but seriously man

remove the confusion
stop bothering about the method

and find somewhere or someone who can help you
to lift some objects 3x a week

You will be in MUCH better shape for it

and what’s more
you’ll have motivation instead of frustration

and the fire to sort out the rest of your life as well

If you need any help just holla by replying to this email with ‘WOLF’ as the subject line
and you’re problem as the text
I’ll get right back to you

Steve THE ‘Confused’ WOLF

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