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How To Look And Feel The Way You Want As A Busy Man With Young Kids In 2018

We are spending more and more on fitness every year as a country yet year on year we are fatter and more unhealthy than ever

What’s the deal with that? What’s your opinion, I’d love to hear it in the comments

One of the BIG issues men like you face is TIME

You have A LOT to fit in your week

Work, Friends, Golf, Football, Meetings, Clients and that’s not to mention being a top drawer partner to the Mrs and father as well

and the weekend?1?1 seems to go by just like THAT 🌪🌪

So I’m not here to be like the rest and just tell you to ‘Man up’

Nope, I get it because I’ve put my job and the rest before my health and what I want PLENTY of times myself

I’ve dealt with clients and work when I KNEW I could have spent that time doing things for myself that actively benefited me

Sound familiar? Frustrating isn’t it

Why even start when you’ll need to put so much time (that you don’t have) into it anyway ???

Getting results is pain staking and slow anyway right?

^^ That is the DANGEROUS mind set that you need to change in order to start getting what you want

Stop NOW wondering how you’ll ever find time for workouts

I see men bragging about the 2 hours they spent ‘down the gym’

Although Lord only knows what there actually doing with that time

This isn’t you because your time is precious and you can’t afford to piss it away

Instead sit down and work out what the LEAST work you can do is to get some results

HINT – The more UNFIT you are the SMALLER this time will be… << So important Then - Pencil that good stuff in your diary and make sure you don’t cancel it If you need help working out what your ‘minimum results input’ is, holla @ me and I'll help you out Have a great Day Steve THE WOLF

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