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A Really Nice Message

I got a lovely message from one of my new WOLF pack members this weekend

it went a little something like

‘Thanks for all your support and assistance on this journey mate. You really are helping me to try and get to where I want to get to’

And that was a nice little boost for the old ego suppose

Always nice to know that my ‘job’ is helping men like yourself to feel better, look good and have more confidence about themselves << an inevitable by product of making progress in your life Thing is like I said to you a few times already my boy here already KNEW what he had to do in order to make this progress He's a chemical engineer for pizza's sake So yea, it's safe to say he was already smart enough to know what needs to be done to get in better shape and start feeling good So what is it really that I offer

Here’s the key words taken straight from his message above

SUPPORT – So that you don’t have to go it alone, have someone in your corner who’s done it all before and will *try to* give you motivation and accountability for turning up to our workouts because lets face it, that’s been a problem in the past

ASSISTANCE – Exactly how much you need to eat and precisely how much you need to be working out in order to get to where you want to be – All the information up front so you don’t have to be confused

JOURNEY – All his/your goals set and tracked … a long process broken into small targets and daily actions so that you don’t feel overwhelmed and get that ‘how do I even get started’ feeling

WHERE I WANT TO GO – An honest chat about how you want to look and how you want to feel so that we can actually work towards something instead of just working out every now and then

So that’s it man

That’s honestly what we bring to the table

and I’m chuffed to say we are now helping just shy of 40 men in Saffron Walden Get what they want from the gym

Fancy a trial week with us and a 1-1 chat on exactly what you can do to make progress with your body? just go here – https://wolfitness.wufoo.com/forms/z1iyi50h0y7412p/

I’ll provide the above even if you never pay me a penny – that is a promise – So you’ve literally nothing to lose


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