Absolutely Bricking It.... - Wolf

Absolutely Bricking It….

I still remember it like it was only yesterday

the day I did my FIRST session a new ‘pt’

I was kacking my new Calvin Klines I really wanted everything to be ok. I just wanted to do a good job and you know… crack on as it were 
anyway – I’m just about turtling as the session gets closer it may as well have been Freddy Krueger turning up for a set of bench press that’s how bad I was soiling my undy’s
Why do I bring you such a tale?

Well it’s to show you my man that it doesn’t matter how good someone seems on the outside because lets face it – we’ve churned out some epic results at WOLF

On the inside, chances are the person has still lost their bum hole at some point or another and felt nervous, anxious and scared

it’s just like you might feel rocking up for our first session at wolf or walking into a big gym with a bunch of road gobblers 
lets face it we’d all rather be at home watching that top gear where they went to the north pole for the 10th time

thing is, my first session?

was a blast 

it went 10000x better than I thought and you know what? I’ve ended up having some success that will… god willing… continue 
why are you any different man? what are you waiting for?

first time you’re always going to feel like that you’ve got to get through that first one at some point if you’re going to do this and chance your life

Just to let you know

when you’re ready to step up and get it

 We’re here for you

Any questions? hit me


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