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Always leave them Wanting More

That…. apparently, is what all great comedians do

It’s also a great way to ‘seduce’ a woman, or so they say…I just about managed to seduce the Mrs to stop banging on about picking my clothes up if that holds any weight ?

Anyway, what you need to realise is this

When it comes to working out, When it comes to shifting blubber and toning up

You’ve probably got your mind set ALL WRONG

You see, most men believe you need to leave the gym feeling like Vlad klitschko after THAT AJ uppercut

But the truth of the matter is..MOST of the time – you need to be leaving the workout feeling good – not destroyed

Energised – NOT cooked

Motivated – NOT spent

This way, you’ll…you know… actually WANT to come back again and hit it

So when you feel that motivation to try again with getting your a** in shape… it will come

Don’t go sprinting at it and spend all your spunk in the first few workouts before quitting and starting over again

It’s like ‘making love’ to the Mrs – go slow and steady and you just might last a little longer

Have a great freaking day

Steve the WOLF

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