And Here's Your Change - Wolf

And Here’s Your Change

How many times have you heard that?

it’s a right old buzzword ant it?

CHANGE… I mean

Because lets be honest – I know you’ve got something
that you’d like to change about yourself

Me? I’d love to be able to bottle that feeling of being 100% on it and motivated
and keep that with me all of the time
I’d be making a few quid as well aye?


Maybe you’d love to change your mindset and confidence so you don’t feel fat or out of shape

Or – maybe you’d love to change that LOW feeling you get when you mess up another diet or miss another workout

I’ve had it – Horrid

Thing is my man

I told you last week how I was feeling ‘down’
the fact is that was all created by myself

and the fact is I NEEDED TO FEEL LIKE THAT
if I was going to actually change the way I was working and running my life

So I’ll have you consider my man
Once your finally sick to the back teeth of how you feel now


That’s when you’ll finally be ready to kick this thing into touch

IS that time now?

maybe it is my man? if it is – you’ve got to shoot me a message so I can help you get started
Even if that means you never spend a penny with me
I’ll still point you In the right direction


Maybe that time isn’t right now
and you’ve signed this year off already.. again

if that’s the case
fine – I won’t bother you

just know that I’m here when you’re ready

Have a really great week my man

Steve THE ‘Ch ch Changing’ WOLF

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