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Are You Just Watching From A Distance?

Little warning my man

this message might just kick you right in the Go nads

I was having a catch up with one of my WOLF pack members over the weekend I send them a voice note/video of how they’re doing/offering more help every week or 2 to check they are on track

it was all good 

then he replied saying how he was happy with the results thus far etc etc

And that He just wished he had started sooner instead of admiring from a distance

powerful right man?

jeez, it really hit me in the feels 
we’ve all been guilty of it right?

Putting things off, telling ourselves it’s all good
Did you know I stacked shelves in Tesco for over a year before I decided to actually take ACTION on getting into the fitness game

That decision was completely life changing
Did you know I was overweight and FAT all through my teens Cool fact – My nickname was actually ‘dumpling’ for a while < It’s 100% true until I decided to take ACTION on myself

So I guess my question for you today is 

How long are you willing to just admire from a distance and take absolutely zero action on getting in shape?… staying stuck where you are now

Man I would really hate for you to get another 6-12 months down the line, work with me or someone else and then think F*** – I should have done that a year ago 
^^ not a feeling you really want to experience trust me

If you’re ready to step up get off the sidelines and sort it 
Give me a shout – scroll down and contact us

I wanted to work with 50 men in my WOLF pack this year 
I just added 2 so that’s 47….. I’ve got 3 spaces before I’m full

oh yea – Little bonus – if you’re IN now you’ll be in for the Christmas raffle 
You don’t pay a bean for it and the top prize last year was a ride in a red bull stunt plane hardly shabby FOR FREE

Steve THE ‘Sidelines’ WOLF 

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