What you can learn from Steak. - Wolf

What you can learn from Steak.

Hello There

Today I took a little stroll into town

Needed a few bits.. Had to run a few ‘errands’

Thought I would treat my little self to a nice lump of prime Steak on the way home

Can’t quite beat a nice steak, Can you?

Now, I Always use the same butcher, they are more expensive than the others

But the product is Ace, and the customer service is spot on

So I don’t mind paying the extra £2, if they treat me nice.

Today, however, I felt like taking a walk on the wild side.. And by that I mean, it was further out of my way to go to my usual.

So I went to a different meat merchant

Well I damn near had to wait an hour to be served and the steak..??

Meh, it was ok, nothing more than that and still set me back 8 of the queens finest pounds.

It just goes to show you that when it comes to quality

And getting what you want

It’s worth going out of your way

And guess what??

It’s no different at the gym

If you want to get what you want, at some point

You’re going to HAVE to go out of your way

There will be other stuff on

Friends want you here, Mrs Want’s you there, you need to do X favor for such and such

It happens, we all have stuff on, I get that and I hear you.

Some people will use that as an excuse to do NOTHING

And nothing? Well it’s the worst damn thing you can do

Because nothing, will get you nothing.

Go out of your way to make your life better and get those results

And on the price, don’t be scared to invest for quality, just like my Steak.. I know where ill be going next time.

Be Your best.



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