#CovidSafe - Wolf


Seems like COVID is back all over the news again
Oooooo I love me a bit of COVID news I do

The government is setting out it’s new ‘3 tier’ system to help protect us

And of course, I encourage you to follow the rules young grasshopper

But what gets me is how some businesses think abiding by the rules
is somehow a good way to promote themselves

To me it should be a given that gyms/studios/shops have things in place to keep you safe

I mean….

Of course we have a track and trace code

Of course we limit session numbers to the legal limit

Of course we clean everything, in fact you’ll never even get on a bit of kit
that hasn’t literally just been cleaned

Of course we social distance

Of course we have more alcohol gel than your local Costco

To me, that’s pretty much a given

and look, no jokes, we have had to change our training method slightly to make this work

but the results are still great

we’re still delivering results, transformations and giving value

AS WELL as keeping you safe

So don’t forget

Stay clean
Stay Safe


Stay focused on your results as well

they’re still right there for the taking


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