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Dawdle Tax

Do you ever find yourself doing… well… F*** all ?

Kind of drifting between on your phone
thinking about stuff
And Doing something semi-productive like cleaning the oven

My Mrs puts it perfectly


We should have left for the shops 20 minutes ago but I’m still pissing around
and she’s NOT happy about it

and you see, when you’re tired
when you don’t have anything in particular to be doing
When there’s no deadline or time pressure

you’ll quite happily burn time like it’s going out of fashion

The news

Pick your poison my friend

The end result is
by the time you get to the end of the week

You’ve quite comfortably done away with 4-5 hours of time
You couldn’t quite tell me where it went
but went it has

And that my friend

is the dawdle tax you’re paying every week

Alas – we always focus on the positives at WOLF

this means that your ‘don’t have time’ line is basically a myth

you do have time
you just spend it badly

Take a look at your diary

when there is empty spaces that means 2 things

1. you could be using it to create a new body for yourself

One that gives you confidence, pride and strength

2. It’s absolutely prime dawdle time

Which one of those options you choose is up to you

Being busy is a given

Being a doer and an action-taker is a choice

Losers complain – Winners do it anyway

Have a fantastic Day

Steve THE ‘Dawdle Master’ WOLF

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