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Did I See You In McDonalds?

So it’s come to this my man

I was actually IN Maccas the other day

The Mrs dragged me in I swear

Now that place is BUSY – it’s tough economic times or so they say but let me tell you, they are NOT struggling for a few quid down at the Golden Arches… how good is a double cheeseburger by the way?

anywho – I suppose by now we are probably done with trying to eat anything close to good or even normal at the weekends as the socials come thick and very fast

My weekend just gone was terrible diet wise but look, I had a good time and I advise you to do the same as well, let it hang out on the weekends now and you’ll feel fresh and ready to achieve things come 2020…promise

Don’t worry – I haven’t gone full festive

I’ve still got a little advice for you

because we can’t just guzzle mince pie’s and Pringles round the clock…. well I wouldn’t recommend it anyway

so here are the things I get my WOLF pack to do that makes sure we can enjoy this little period they call Christmas without entering a complete food coma

1. Workout – last week coming up – all our crew will hit 2 workouts at least so they aren’t to far behind come January

2. MON – FRI – Diet OK – never said perfect, but OK – close to normal – not the whole box just a couple

3. GOALS – we are still ticking off our last 4 week focus points to maintain that last bit of motivation before the break

so there you go man a few little check’s for you

And if you’re just ‘waiting’ for new year – it’s cool as well

Have a great day and a great week


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