Do you get stiff after a workout? - Wolf

Do you get stiff after a workout?

Stiff after workouts?


Did you manage to catch my live video the other day?

Here it is –

And here’s the gist if you don’t feel like ANOTHER video to freakbook

Even Bad things that happen to you are good

If you hate working out – Good

Hate eating well – Great

You’ll have to watch the video to find out why those things are good

BUT – getting stiff after workouts

Which happens to everyone who starts a body transformation with us @ WOLF

That’s just great because it means you actually did something NEW

It’s not a bad thing

And it’s no different to me getting a bit sore after the 1 game of golf I play per year

So flip that stiffness into a positive for yourself

And as it’s Friday

Have a look at your week Just gone

Did you do something new? Change anything? Get a better result? Do more?

If you didn’t, what can you do this weekend to achieve that ?

It’s about to get WARM my friend

And not adding anything new to your week?

That’s going to leave you stuck with the same body you always had

You’ve got to do and be different…

Our group training is growing

It’s fast paced results training in a motivating environment

And just like our 1-1, I’ll guarantee you results

As long as you put the work in

Apply here –

Have a fantastic Friday and let me know if you need help with anything

Steve the WOLF

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