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Easter eggs For Men’s Fitness!

Seems kind of obvious?

Because chocolate and all that

But in the fit biz these days

You’ll prolly see most trainers actually telling you to eat that egg

Crazy huh but yea, a lot of coaches will actually advise doing something unhealthy

To have that chocolate or whatever

Because it’s ‘good for the mind’ and will ‘ease the cravings’

Dude, I almost wrote an email saying the same thing

But I’ve got to be so honest with you, that’s not who I am

That’s not what I WILL BE DOING

And if I have anything, it’s 10 years of experience to full back on

Will I F**k be having an Easter egg

That’s for kids man, I’m not interested in it, it’s junk food, toot, rubbish…. Tasty mind 🙂

This doesn’t mean I never treat myself

Far from it, far far from it

It just means I can be disciplined, I can be firm on myself, I am in 100% control of what I do and my results depend on my actions

And I know the above applies for you as well.

So before you inhale a smarties egg and this weekend begins

Workout how you want to be feeling come Tuesday next week

Workout what your good habits can be this weekend (cuz it’s a long one) and try to keep them rolling

SO easy to lose all your good routines and things you do on a long weekend or mini break

I know this email isn’t what every other coach on insta and full might be telling you !

Have a great long weekend and don’t forget to take some down time

Steve The WOLF

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