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Ever been TIRED on a Friday?

Anyone else absolutely KNACKERED at the end of this week? I don’t know why, Heck, I don’t even know HOW

but for whatever reason, this has been a TOUGH week

And it’s one of those where all you can think about is getting through the rest of this day and finishing off your work

Let me guess – A workout is just about the last thing on your mind right now …..I know how you feel

So yeah, I don’t actually have any ‘tips’ for getting through this day

other than..

– Know when your beat

– Take your medicine (a good rest/sleep)

– Don’t dig further with 10 pints down the pub

or you’ll end up chasing your tail all weekend and feeling 100x worse Monday < This is what a lot of men do and make sure that over the weekend you tick off something productive for your goals even if it's something small like the 30 minute workout I'll be guiding my guys through tomorrow morning so small, but SO valuable for starting the weekend with a buzz and getting better results than you already are because If you put stuff of until Monday...again the cycle only repeats itself Start motivated >>>> Get Tired >>>> Lose motivation >>>> feel daunted by the whole challenge of losing weight and starting again >>>> Quit

Vicious and not at all where you wanna be my friend

Have a great Friday and when your really sick of FAILING to get started with your plans, go over here and get a 100% free coaching session with me – https://www.wayoflifefitness.co.uk/lb-offer/
You’ve got nothing to lose… except some of the belly!


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