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Finding YOUR opportunity

What is happening my friend

Hope you’ve got a killer weekend plan

I’m up at 5am on a Saturday and both my 6am and 7am clients have had to re arrange or cancel until Monday (just part of the job)

How do you think that makes me feel?

I can tell you one thing.. that most other ‘PTs’ will never admit

it CAN get you down and it used to all the time

Because it feels like a little failure on my part as well right ?

It feels like they don’t want to come in after all get it?

It’s a dangerous place to let the mind go

So here’s how I completely disarm it and YOU can use this same process to change any negative in your life and turn it into a CHANCE to be better instead

1. What have I helped them with so far? Answer – 6 stone lose between them and countless increases in confidence so yea – I know I’m at least doing an OK job

2. What can I do instead? The thought of ‘back to bed’ crossed my mind I can’t lie BUT instead – This email, a blog post, a great breakfast, follow up texts to new WOLF pack members and get organised for the day (cricket)

Do you see how this is helping me?

Because everyone gets down brother

Next time you mess up your diet or something goes wrong for you just ask

1. what progress did I make anyway
2. What door now opens
3. What area does this give me a chance to focus on more

Seek out the opportunity and you’ll realise that you are a LOT happier a LOT more often than you were

It’s powerful

Probably won’t talk to you until Monday

because the Mrs wants a trip to IKEA tomorrow (shoot me now) so I’ll be busy


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