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Fixing Your Mindset So You Don’t Mess Up On Weekends


When your really busy at the weekends, it just FLIES

Now take me for example, I am by no means a social butterfly

In fact a lot of the time, I just prefer to stay in

but on Friday I went to the races… the less said about the gambling the better

and on Saturday me and the Mrs went ‘out’ in Cambridge for the day

by the time Sunday rolls around your feeling pretty tired and a bit ‘meh’

you’d just sooner get the feet up you know ?

It’s important to hold on at these times

you can’t afford to binge, blow out, completely relax with your eating and healthy habits or you will NEVER make progress

in fact you will just get fatter, feel worse and get more unhealthy if you consider Friday night to Sunday night a free for all bad habit binge with no restrictions, remember that

I always say to the WOLF pack, go out, enjoy yourself, do what you love BUT just keep your goals in the back of your mind the whole time – even just for 10% – So they can influence some of your decisions in a good way

Because at the end of the day, forget a meal plan, getting in better shape, feeling sexy, stronger, athletic and GOOD is about defeating a long series of little daily challenges over and over again

picking from the menu, organising your day, squeezing a short workout in, having your diary on point

^^ just a few examples of those little things

MAN, I’ve just gone off on a rant on this email, I can’t even remember what the title was about

but seriously, just focus today on getting your minimum dose in the diary for the next 5 days

2 weight training sessions
Something where you sweat and breathe 2x in the week
Fridge full of more good stuff and less junk (you can’t eat well if it isn’t there)

Sunday is your prep time so you can demolish the week

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