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Get Me A New Manager

You been following the footie my man?

Well…Even if you haven’t
You’ll know there’s been more sackings than Xmas at Santa’s house < Wtf?

Yep – Lots of managers have got the chop
Just the way it goes I suppose
lets be honest – results speak

And I was driving a long the other day listening to the radio
some sporting station
When one of the men on there dropped this little gem

‘All that matters is their backlog of results and work’

Pretty dope right
He’s talking about what clubs are looking for
when it comes to getting someone new in

Football is famous for it’s CHAT
most of it complete BS

Plenty of people talk a great game
but who’s got the results behind them to PROVE IT?

Same in this game of fitness my man

Plenty of coaches out there who talk a great game

and spend hours upon hours posting videos of themselves doing exercises
that you’ll never even want OR NEED to do if you want to get into the shape of your life

They’ll post plenty of topless selfies saying you need to work harder
When I know full well you have no desire to hit the gym 7 days a week
and live off chicken and protein shakes


I try to stay out of all this mumbo jumbo

Instead focusing on one thing

the results we’ve got before and the results we are getting now

For men who are just the same as you

That’s all my man
We’ve got the portfolio
when are you going to step up and be the next man in it?

Have a great day


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