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Getting in shape? It’s just like brushing your teeth

Remember the last time you got in from a HEAVY night out?

Did you brush your teeth like you do every other night?

Hell no you didn’t

Rocked back from the club at 3am – you’d be lucky to hold your kebab up straight let alone spend a diligent 3 minutes looking after your gnashers

I exaggerate, but you get my point

and the next night… when your head is clear

of course you were straight back on track with your oral hygiene and gave them a good seeing to

The mistake a LOT of men make with staying in tip top shape and feeling great about there body is this

They miss a day at the gym

Then they miss another day

Then a week

Then a month

Then…..A year or 3

and that is a very quick and effective recipe for getting into bad shape my friend

So the key is

if you start a plan

and you fall off track

because of a boozy night or whatever

And mark my words, as sure as the sun will rise – you WILL come off the wagon at some point (we all do)

But don’t worry, Just think of your teeth

you wouldn’t let them rot away so why do you not apply the same principle to looking after your body ?

you ‘only get 1 set’ applies for your health as well man you get me?

Give that a run through your head and try to remember that good habits are created after you’ve failed a few times but consistently got back on the road at the nearest opportunity

Have a great day and if you’ve got any questions just hit me up


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