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My go-to method for fast fat loss

I’m going to share with you my GO-TO method for fat loss.


WARNING – This is tough, you will pant and you will sweat… Now that’s out the way.


I use this method any time I’ve let myself get a bit out of shape

Happens to the best of us

And nearly every PT or fitness GURU will have been in bad shape at some point

It’s super helpful actually

Because most people come to me for help in… You guessed it, Bad shape.

So it’s nice to have walked that path and come full circle



Any who, I literally call this method ‘Hard work’

All you have to do is follow your normal session plan.

After you’re done, Pick a cardio machine or get a space to run, battle ropes and sleds work as well of course

But let’s just keep it simple for now


Set the clock for 10 minutes.

Sprint, Pull, Push cycle.. Whatever you’re doing HARD for 10-15 seconds (crank the resistance up high)

Rest enough to feel OK to go for another 10 seconds, do not rest to long, just to catch your breath! Then go again.


Repeat until 10 minutes is up (can seem like 10 hours)


It will be tough BUT, it’s still just 10 mins, You’ve got 10 minutes to get results right?


This will ramp up your metabolism, burn fat and Build muscle


All the while leaving you fresh and motivated for the next workout (because it was only 10 mins)

And letting you get out that damn gym as quick as possible.


If you’re stuck just remember

Set 10 minutes

Work stupidly hard, rest, and go again hard.

Repeat until your times done

Changing your body can really be that simple.


There is something powerful and effective about picking a time, and just working your socks off until it’s done, Use it.


Follow the above and you can’t go fat wrong.

And you’ll be getting yourself in shape, fast.


Any questions you have, you can always hit me up and if you want to come for a face to face chat to get your body transformation off the ground, here’s where to go –




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