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Good Bank Bad Bank

Thursday already and this week is going faster than you can say Saturday night take away

Don’t forget, just incase your a viewer, that Saturday night take away is cancelled this week After ant and dec were caught drink driving (I still don’t know which ones which)

amazing isn’t it, You can have it ALL but if you don’t have your health you have NOTHING

It makes me realise just how important this fitness stuff really is

because its fantastic for your mind as well as your body

NOW, I was just having a chat with one of my clients about his week

And how he’s been putting plenty of deposits in the ‘GOOD’ Bank

That’s workouts, runs, steps, good meals, green teas ETC

But also, How he’s been dropping a bit of cash in the ‘BAD’ bank as well

That’s Pints, Pies, Pastries and sitting

Put more money in the good bank than the bad? You win MORE muscle, Less fat around the middle, a great feeling and a better looking physique

If you put more in the bad? Well… the opposite of those things

I know you want all those good things because well, who doesn’t want to look good and feel fit in a T-shirt

So take a look at YOUR week

How much is in the good bank and how much is in the bad?

Then ask yourself if that aligns with the way you want to look and feel?

AND THEN… What you can do the rest of the week to sort it or maintain that balance

Have a great week and get at me for a free trial @ WOLF, we have our own studio for you in the heart of the town


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