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His Trousers Fell Down

The first thing I’ll ask anyone who I work with….

and you can think about this right now if you like

Lets say you work with me in the WOLF Pack

Just hypothetically of course

Got it?


Now fast forward 90 days

What has to happen between now and then
to have made this the best investment you ever made?

Pretty simple right?

Problem is – most me have zero clue where they want to get to
Or how they’re going to get there

And look – I understand that
you’ve tried lots of times before ‘down the gym’
and it hasn’t worked

that’s bound to leave you Low in energy
worn out
fed up
and just generally feeling Cr*p

I get it

it was just the same for my man John when he first walked through my door a couple weeks back

He didn’t know really where he wanted to get to

only that he knew he had to act now or he might not be around
to enjoy his kids and grand kids

He also knew he had to regain control over your life

^^ 1 of the best things about doing any of this my man by the way
getting 100% control over your body, actions and mind

He’d tried before of course but yo yo’d up and down with various diets

Fast forward 3 weeks?

He’s LOST over 10 pounds
He feels completely different
and his old trousers which were ‘snug’ are falling down

So I guess my question for you is

What has to happen in the first 90 days of 2020 for you to be happy with your results ?

I’m telling you man
if you’re just wondering into next year like a sheep/zombie

it’s going to be February before you know it and NOTHING
has changed

I don’t want that for you

Have a GREAT day

Steve THE ‘Wrong trousers’ WOLF

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