I take it you’ve seen Braveheart right?

I mean if you haven’t then I suggest you abandon this email right now and crack on
then we can talk

Remember that bit when they make spears ‘twice as long as a man’

Before Mel Gibson goes fully mad shouting HOOOOLLLD
The rest you know by now friend

Well – its actually HOOOOLLLD that I’ve been saying to a lot of my wolf members
although I haven’t painted my face blue yet

you see – Last week was a banger
we really got back into it hard

one of my men actually lost nearly half a stone
another 5 pounds
another a whole kilo

And it’s tempting to say ‘keep going’
and in a way… I do

but what’s important to remember
is it’s only 1 week into this year so far
it’s a long old game this

and we will run out of fuel

if we try to make it into to much of a sprint
(I’m still all for fast progress)

In some cases – I actually told the wolves they need to eat more
in order to make it sustainable (fast weight loss so often bounces back the other way eventually….. and some)

So my advice to you for Monday would be to play the medium to long game

that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be making progress
it just needs to be something that will last for longer than ‘until X holiday’
or until ‘X social occasion’

My other question to you is

are you even playing the game at all?

or are you still waiting to get started

if you’ve not even got over the start line
but you’d like to

just contact us below

and I’ll send you some details about what we do

have a great day


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