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How Long Do You Have Left?

Don’t worry me old fruit.. this isn’t one of those horrible articles about how the plastic in our sea food is going to kill you in the next 8-12 months

Na, this is a simple question for you

and that is

How long do you have left before you get to where you want to be with your body IE – the way it looks and feels ?

That’s likely a really hard question to answer

and YEP – if the answer is ‘who knows’ or ‘forever’ … that doesn’t exactly fill you with motivation does it

I was actually talking about this with my WOLF pack member Jon the other day

he was OVER 18 stone when we started and now he’s sitting around 16…. feeling way better and looking great

And I was just wondering ‘why didn’t you get started sooner’

his answer ‘it just seemed like such a long way away’

And this is NOT a trap I want you to fall into my man

The target for you needs to be getting started

it’s FINE to have a long term goal and vision

but if it’s a long long way away right now then you do need to get focused on the next step and the next little challenge

That goes so far in so that… the challenge right now – is just to get into the gym today

I’ve been working out 10 years, I’ve competed in weightlifting and I’ve been ‘in shape’ for years now

however…. guess what my goal is? right now – 3 workouts this week and 2 5k runs


100% serious

Have a think about that and how you can apply it to your life and aims


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