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How Many Times?

‘How many times ?’

Ask 100 men the same question and yee will receive 100 different answers

Or maybe ‘how many times’ is just what the Mrs says after she’s picked another one of your sweaty socks off the floor

Hands up ?


This little treacle actually refers to another question I got hit with the other day

‘Wolf – how many times a week do I need to workout’

And here it is for you my man

1 more time than you do right now

^^ let me explain’eth

If your current idea of a hard workout is the 3 mins you managed in bed last time

Then hitting the gym even once will get you results

If you already jog here and there or go to the gym every now and then

You might want to think about 2 workouts per week

And if your NOT content with the results form 2 workouts a week

3 might just be the sweet spot for ya champ

But don’t think we just go on like this forever… HELL NO

3-4 workouts a week will allow you to get pretty much any results you want

And lets just close the book on that one

How’s your ‘2019 prep’ going… I just found a box of Lindor lying about… hoovering up before a clean start to the year

It’s the plan my brother

Have a great rest of the week


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