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How to cheat smart.

Cheat/free meals

This is something that I chat about a lot through the day

Firstly – Try to think less about it as a ‘cheat’ and more as a ‘free’ meal where you simply relax your usual diet, there are no concrete rules in fitness or dieting to follow.

Now let me just say. I understand why! I’ve been on strict diets, not so strict diets, High carb, Low carb, No carb and lots of different things in between, I’ve tried most things with different degrees of success.


A cheat or free meal should be you relax the boundaries of your diet for 1 meal of the day/week

For example, if I try to avoid bread like most people do and keep my calories under 2000 a day, a cheat meal might include a pizza at the weekend,


  • The purpose of a cheat meal is firstly for a mental break
  • Cravings happen and it is important to have a bit of what you fancy.
  • 2ndly it is to supply the body with a large dose of nutrients, this will actually raise metabolism slightly for the following few days and give you a boost at your next training session.

5 important things to remember

  • Slipping up on a diet happens, just get back on the wagon at the next meal.
  • A cheat meal should be part of a plan, IF you don’t track how much you’re eating in calories AND you don’t have a set of principles by which you organize your diet, you’re not really having a cheat meal, your just eating shit.
  • The best time to relax your diet is after a consistent period of weight loss.
  • One meal can quickly turn into an evening and then into a whole weekend, watch out for that
  • Try to stick to wholesome foods like steak, meat, burgers, pizza, chips, potatoes, rice etc. Sweets, deserts and alcohol can accompany this, but don’t pig out on just them.


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