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How to eliminate confusion about fitness

What you doing man?

I mean really

you’ve been reading my emails plenty

so why aren’t you taking action on what I’m telling you and getting into shape already?

I’ll tell you what the problem could be and also, what it certainly ISN’T

I can guarantee that the problem IS NOT that you don’t know what to do

Lets say that you were playing ‘life coach’ for a day

and I gave you your average beer swilling pub dweller

he’s 3 stone over weight, hates his body and want you to tell him what to do

Pretty easy job for you right

what would you tell him? Cut the junk, stop drinking so much p*ss and exercise from time to time

you already know it!

So maybe it’s the fact you’ve got TO MUCH information banding around in your noggin and your struggling to actually take some freaking action

if that’s the case

I’ve got your back

because if I’m honest

I’ve been guilty of swamping people in the past as well

Meal plans, recipe books etc and guess what, most people DON’T use them

So I’ve made it really simple

I’ve made a list of 24 Golden rules that IF you follow… will get you more muscle, LESS fat and motivation on tap

just 24 little rules to add into your life

So forget about your confusion and your excuses, look down the list, how many do you have in place?

Want to grab the list? just go here and send me a message –


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