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How’s Your Diary Looking Right Now?

Or do you even have one, boss?

why do I ask?

Don’t worry, I’m not trying to ‘hound’ you into my studio

It’s because that ever since I started working for myself

and carrying around my diary with me all the time

I found it 100x easier to accomplish things that I wanted to get done

What are some things that you’d love to get done this week?

These should be things that you know would actively benefit your life (look better, feel great etc)

I obviously don’t need to tell you that working out falls under this banner

In fact, a 3x weekly dose of training will improve the life of just about any man your age

and I believe that 100%

The problem…

You’re to busy talking about doing it and not just booking that s*** in

and once something’s ‘booked’

it’s a whole different ball game to cancel it

And I actually Recommend, That is, if you are really struggling

Start with a paper diary

because rubbing something out is way different to just clicking that little back space symbol on your phone

It’s time to create a bit of leverage on yourself in 2 Steps

A. – Work through exactly why you want to get in shape… How do you want to feel?

B. – Book some stuff in and don’t move or cancel it unless you absolutely MUST (rare)

That’s all my friend

Have a great day and hit me up with a reply if you need any more help


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