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I Already Know You Eat Pretty Well

So I was running a couple of test drive sessions yesterday @ the WOLF gym

as usual, both of the new guys claim to already be ‘eating well’

Of course, they don’t eat much junk, don’t drink to much, avoid the worst food

I mean, come on, they just eat well man

I dunno brother, I just need to stopping asking about what’s going on NOW I think

And instead focus on what men like yourself need to be doing instead

Because obviously this ‘eating well’ stuff is not working for most of us

Other thing is

I just had 4 eggs, A slice of rye bread and some fresh apple juice for breakfast

Most couch potatoes will say I’m eating badly because cholesterol

while they plow through 4 sugar encrusted Weetabix but that’s healthy man because Ian Botham said it’s whole grain and slow release energy

slow release energy for what? sitting @ your desk all day ?

A skip full of carbs for what? The walk from the front door to your car ?

Forget eating well for a little second

here’s a few simple rules you can get on board with that will serve you well for the rest of your life when it comes to eating to look trimmed and toned whilst feeling EPIC

1. Eat protein with every meal of the day
2. Drink a protein shake once a day
3. Eat 7 different fruit and vegetables every day (easier than you think)
4. Drink more water than you do now

So simple but I’d have my house (don’t even own one) that all the men out there who think they are eating well are doing 1 at most of these little gems

Have a look @ your own life now

Are you following the rules?

Are you falling into the trap of confusing Normal eating for healthy eating ?

And.. so importantly, Can you do better?

I believe you can

Na, I believe WE CAN

Have a great one and talk to you soon


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