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Is Your MOT Due?

No worries man, it’s not THAT dreaded email from the ‘DVLA’

How fast does that MOT time seem to roll around every year ?

Anyway I just got done renewing mine and taxing my car.. no dramas

and it gets me to thinking

Looking after your car is just like looking after your body

or at least it should be

You put good fuel (food) into it because you want it to run well and not slow down as it gets older

You don’t mind paying a lot of money for this fuel (food) because you know it will help the car to last longer and run better

You don’t try to skimp or use worse quality fuel (food) because you know this will make the car run down and break (get sick)

You get it regularly serviced (workout) and drive it often (stay active) to make sure it works well

You rely on it to take you from A to B and expect that if you do the above it will continue to work how you want it to

Get it mate?

Slowing down, having a bit less energy, feeling slow and not being happy with your body are not FACTS you have to accept as you get older

they are just symptoms of NOT taking as good a care of yourself as you do that German motor on your drive way

Run that through your noggin over this lovely long weekend

And ask yourself where in your life are you not looking after your body enough and caring enough about yourself?

Where do you feel yourself being low on confidence and energy?

How good condition (honestly) do you feel your in ?

and could you improve it ?

Have a great weekend


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