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It Was Just One Of Those Nights

So it was just one of those nights at the gym last night my man

Look I would love to tell you every workout we do was brimming with energy but that’s not the case

because I’m more than aware that good men like yourself work hard and get tired especially later in the week

so how do we coach around that at WOLF and make sure we still deliver?

Well, we move the goalposts for you a bit

forget about leaving every workout dead and like a sweaty mess

here’s your new goal

‘Just show up 3x a week for a workout’

When you get tired and the rest of ‘life’ is getting to you, your ONLY goal needs to be showing up to every single workout that you promised yourself you would do

this way, there is no pressure to work up a storm, you don’t need to worry about the gym sapping hours and hours out of your week

and on the subject of promises, you need to become someone who follows through on the promises you make yourself and be really really strict about that


A little offer for you

If you want someone to give you accountability every single week, someone to set you goals and whip you into shape and set days and times every week

all you need to do is reply to this email with ‘WOLF’ and I’ll send you some more info about how we can help you

if you’re at all confused about our track record, go here and have a little look at our results –

And if not, that’s cool as well, I’ll carry on helping you reach your goals with these emails

Have a great weekend


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