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Ive Been Dreading It

First day ‘Post Lockdown’

We are now officially in the period between the last lockdown and the next one

Although on a super positive note I recon that next one should also be the last one
and we can put this whole rotten egg of a saga behind us

anyhow..usually at the start of a lock down
we lend all our equipment to our members and give them a program to work with

which means that they’ve now had to bring all that kit back

‘I’ve been dreading walking these heavy weights all the way to my car’

I get that, sometimes weights are well…heavy and uncomfortable

‘Think of it as good warm up and a little extra workout’ I said

Same task… different mindset

and that’s the thing when it comes to getting in shape my man

and something you’re going to have to get a handle on for 2021

the tasks are always going to be the same, they literally can’t change

challenging yourself with workouts
eating better than you do now
moving more
taking better care of yourself

these will never change

and what that means is your mindset around these things

is what’s going to determine if you ‘absolutely dread it’

or if you ‘look forward to the challenge’

your in control of that
and your in control of how you feel
never forget that

Hey, you’ve got this,

your motivation and mindset is important for 2021

on that subject, you can destroy motivation just as quickly as you can get it

Go and check this video out I made for you on the 3 things will kill your motivation instantly (and how to fix it)

Let me know If you need anything else


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