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Joker Life #Snowflakes

So I was just doing my half hourly aimless scroll down ‘Flakebook’

So called because it’s full of sensitive snow flakes

One such article catches my eye ‘

People walking out of new joker movie because it’s too dark’ man – I nearly choked on my protein shake reading that one  

Typical day of a snowflake below for you 

– Goes to see movie about homicidal killer with mental heath problems – Walks out because it’s ‘too dark’  

– Complains about it on social media  

good one right?  

Anyway – I’ve heard it’s a decent watch

so I might check it out with the Mrs tomorrow  

And you know at WOLF

we like to think we’re a bit of a snowflake free zone  

because if there is one thing that I know for a FACT

it’s that I can’t help you just by blowing smoke up your A** all the time  

and me being honest, transparent and STRAIGHT with you is the only way we’re going to get fantastic, head turning results the kind you see us churn out on a regular basis  

So yeah, I just wanted to for warn you that if you’re the kind of chap that goes down the cinema and gets offended after 15 minutes storms out and demands a refund  

….. yea….. probably best you stick to yoga classes and gluten free bread for now my man 

but – if you’re results driven like me if you don’t mind a bit of honesty

even if things have to get a bit..’DARK’ Before they get better 

and you don’t mind getting the kick up the a** to get you out of that rut you’re in  

Yep – I might just be your man 


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