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Love yourself For Max results

When it gets hard, Love yourself.

Aloha Friend

Its hard work at the minute right?

We’ve got a lot on at work, there’s social commitments, women commitments, Friends, parents, this and that.

So what about your workouts?

Well I’ll tell you right now I’m feeling it to

I’m rammed with work

Back up close to the dreaded 50 hours a week.

It’s hard to fit training in, it genuinely is.

Tomorrow I was this close to saying ‘fudge it’ and just moving my work out to the next day

I um’d and ar’d a bit,  it’s tricky when you’ve got so much on

I know you understand how that feels mate

But at the end of the day

How I can be a good coach, a good friend, a good boyfriend/husband, if I don’t first please myself

It’s no fun being around people who are stressed and unhappy.

So I cancelled 2 of my sessions tomorrow

I won’t have the money for them

But I will be happier, more relaxed, healthier and stronger

Because I invested in myself

Sounds selfish right?

It’s not selfish, because I can only give my best to others

If I feel good myself.

Put yourself first, invest in your health, strength and wellbeing

Aaaandd you’ll probly find yourself looking a bunch better along the way

THAT’S that kind of benefits I’m talking about

And everyone close to you will reap them to




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