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‘Loved That’

‘Loved That’

That was the text I got off someone taking one of my trial sessions yesterday

he was in a group of 6 and the sessions was ‘LIT’ as the kids say these days

Great to receive feedback and comments like that

Of course it is, after all..I’m in the bizniz of making men happier, healthier and more confident

Thing is

I Don’t recon it’s so different for you?

I bet when you DO exercise you feel great after

You feel like to you did something worth while

You feel happy

You know you got the benefits and did something for yourself

You feel like you ‘burnt off’ some of the stuff you ate that maybe you shouldn’t have and that’s a good feeling as well

So I guess you ‘love it’ as well ??

And that’s where the challenge is my good friend

You won’t love it every single session

After the initial motivation has worn off you will feel tired before working out

You will feel like you can’t be bothered

Like you are to busy and have better things to do

Like you can’t fit it in

Ever felt any of these?

This is the point where you need to forget about motivation because it will always be short lived and fleeting

DRIVE is temporary, COMMITMENT is permanent

So instead, remember the just stupid amounts of benefits you get from doing this thing such as

– Less fat around the middle and more muscle definition so that you fit great In all your clothes
– A Better, stronger, happier mind set – Yeah… you can actually improve happiness from working out
– More confidence in yourself
– Better health across the board so you get sick less
– Stronger bones and joints so you don’t have to slow down to much

Now I don’t know about you man

But I don’t need motivation and a love of it to get up and do something that’s going to give me those things

Have a great day and hit me with any questions


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