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Men – How You Can Make More Time For Yourself At Weekends

Busy day in @ The WOLF Gym Yesterday

Well, At least it should have been

We had a LOT of men rearrange or completely bail on their sessions yesterday

and of the ones that did come in? roughly 73.9% of them gobbled down at least one whole Easter egg over the weekend

Sometimes, a long weekend or ‘mini break’ is the hardest thing because it feels like you stop EVERYTHING to relax

Diet – Gone
Good Habits – Gone
Workouts – No

And come The first day back at work

Your in a bit of a tail spin and feeling the opposite of motivated, know what I mean?

This is why your weekend is in many cases the KEY to you getting actual results in fitness

All you need to do is show up for a workout of some sort on the Saturday or Sunday

So that you don’t crash, burn and lose your s***

So Get a look at your plans for this weekend now – Don’t forget to clear it with the boss as well

Because I know ‘Well the Mrs wanted to do this’ is a legit excuse that we’ve all used

Get that locked in your schedule now (I always do sat morning) so you can’t fail, Tell the Mrs NOW

because we both know that springing it on her is never a good idea

This gives you

– A workout for you, on your terms, that helps you and gets YOU results… You deserve to work on the way you look and feel

– A kick start to your weekend so you can remain motivated and not fall into that slump before Monday

– An extra session so that you can make big steps towards your ideal summer body

lets be honest

Just fitting the gym in when you can has never worked for you or anyone

We don’t do things that we might fit in if our day allows

because our day is busy as F

We do things that we schedule, book and ‘lock in’

And in the words of ARNIE – DO IT, DO IT NOOOOOOOWW


PS – This weeks flying, remember I’ll be taking no more 1-1 training until mid summer possibly NEVER… at the end of this week – here is where you can apply –

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