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New years Blog post

How To get results THIS YEAR.

  1. Realization– Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result . . . or so they say. I don’t know about that but, if you’re reading this, then the chances are your fitness is in tatters and your goal for the New Year is down the drain. Knowing that, why are you still trying the same stuff that didn’t work last year or the year before that? Realize that what you’re doing now and/or what you did in the past is not working.  Quitting is for wimps, but banging your head against a brick wall with the same old plan (no plan)? That’s just plain wrong.
  1. Plan – The average gym-goer’s idea of a plan is to go as many times as possible in a week, buy some protein powder and hope the rest falls into place. This will never work for more than the first couple of weeks because the results just don’t seem worth the HOURS in the gym. The best thing about having a plan is knowing when you’ve done enough and it’s time to GTFO the gym. Short and sweet is best for beginners . . . or so the Mrs. keeps telling me.
  1. Swallow – Your pride, that is. A quick story on this one about my friend George.  We all know a George.  Throw a ball to him and there’s more chance he’ll fall over than catch it.  Does George stand a chance in the gym?  Yes, sir, he does . . . IF he accepts his inadequacies and GETS HELP from a pro.  That’s a smart investment right there.  If you KNOW you’re clueless in the gym but your ego’s too big to ask for help, then swallow it down and start moving forward.  And if you think investing money in your health and appearance is a waste, I can’t help you!
  1. Accept – Okay, I think I’ve been harsh enough. Now, if you’ve followed step one, then you’re on the path to progress. Good on ya.  What you need to do now is accept the past for what It was:  A lesson.  Accept that what you’ve done before hasn’t quite worked, and accept that your body shape and fitness will only change if you do too, from your habits right up to your mind set. This time CAN be different for you, but only if you accept your mistakes and, more importantly, learn from them.
  1. Recruit – It can be tough to figure all this crap out on your own, so hiring a trainer, while not for everyone, is a pretty solid idea. They’re usually pricey, and rightly so.  We do a great job! One way to significantly reduce this price is to team up with a friend for training.  Most coaches won’t mind this one bit and I’ve found these are often some of the BEST sessions producing some great results.  Try to pick someone around the same fitness level as you, so you can progress together.  Two complete beginners works GREAT!  And of course remember . . . Trainers aren’t aliens:  Approach, Chat, and Ask.

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