'Not Again' - Wolf

‘Not Again’

Was pretty much my thoughts when my alarm went off 5am this morning

You see

It doesn’t matter how much ‘Set yourself up for Monday’ stuff you do over the weekend

That first alarm still feels like a sledgehammer to the temple every single time

and frankly, I’m already looking @ the week for when my down time is coming again, know what I mean?

only one way through this feeling for you and me

and that is by remembering

that feeling good, feeling great

having momentum with your body and fitness

Is EARNED, WORKED FOR and never GIVEN for nothing

So as I sit here now @ 7.30am

I’ve mediated for 10 mins

seen 5 WOLF pack members over 2 groups already

I’m feeling better

I’ve also invested in a great breakfast to feed body and mind

which means I’m feeling even more on it

So I guess my little challenge to you today is

Where in your life can you do some very small basic things

To make yourself feel better

and begin to Gain that momentum

On a filthy, miserable Monday Morning

those little wins and ticks will add up for you over the week

You’ll get MORE DONE, Feel more alive and be healthier, fitter, stronger

Sometimes – These things are required for you to feel like exercising

Not the other way around

And if I know one thing

It’s that you’ll never build speed by staring into your phone round the clock

Sometimes I’ll get people say to me

‘It’s easy for you to say being a trainer and having a gym’

^^ that’s a dangerous mind set and as anyone who’s trained with me will tell you, it’s a load of baloney as well

Have a great week and get on it


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